Giving to EOS

EOS Orchestra Academy gives sponsors a rare opportunity, to build China's educational and cultural institutions while helping some of the world's most promising musicians, rising stars whose talent will catapult China to the forefront of the world's music scene within the next few years. EOS Orchestra Academy’s aim is to complement China's integration into the global economy with a parallel integration into the world's community of symphonic music. Sponsors will benefit from widespread exposure and branding opportunities commensurate with the support they provide, including but not limited to media interviews and special patron programs. If you feel your organization has the foresight to support this vision of orchestral music in Asia, take action and write a check today. An immediate payoff by supporting us beginning in January of 2006, EOS Orchestra Academy gives its first public concert, the beginning of an entire dynamic season of programs enriching China's cultural landscape.

Let's make a difference together!

?Donor’s Recognition Program

a. 7 million per year for a consecutive 3 years Total 21 million
Recognition: an exclusive 4-year Naming Right on the Orchestra Academy

b. 3 million per year for a consecutive 3 years. Total 9 million
Recognition: an exclusive 5-year Naming Right on the Conductor-Podium

c. 1million per year for a consecutive 3 years Total 3 million
Recognition: an exclusive 4-year Naming Right on the chair of Concert Master

d. 0.5 million per year for a 3 consecutive years Total 1.5 million
Recognition: an exclusive 4-year Naming Right on a chair of any Orchestra-Principal (there are 15 principal positions in the orchestra)

e. 0.20 million to 3 million for a concert production to a full stage opera production Total 0.2 to 3 million
Recognition: an exclusive or co-sponsored Naming Right for a production plus other recognition through media etc. (other recognitions through media and other means upon request)

f. Scholarship20, 000/year per student in a consecutive 2 years Total 40,000
Recognition: an exclusive 2-year Naming Right on a scholarship

g. Library of Orchestral Music (both repertoire and modernizing the library)
1 million to 5 million (no less than 1 million per year in giving in consecutive years) Total: 1 to 5 million
Recognition: an exclusive 3 to 15-year Naming Right on the Library of Orchestral Music

h. Instruments (including loaning world’s renowned instruments)
0.5 million to 50 million Total: 0.5 to 50 million
Recognition: an exclusive life-long recognition on any instrument as long as the instrument is being used by EOS Orchestra Academy.

i. Management Training Program
0.5 million to 10 million Total: 0.5 to 5 million
Recognition: an exclusive 3 to 20-year Naming Right on a management position

j. EOS-CLUB Membership Total 500 to 100,000
80,000 or above
50,000 or above
30,000 or above
10,000 or above
8,000 or above
5,000 or above
3,000 or above
2,000 or above
1,000 or above
500 or above
Recognition & Benefit (T.B.A)


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